Frequently Asked Questions About Registration

While it would be possible to complete the online registration from your phone’s internet browser, we strongly recommend that you complete the registration from a computer.
We also strongly recommend you double check your internet connection before you begin filling out the online form.

No, the information cannot be saved to complete later. We suggest you look over the form so you can collect any information you need before you start the online registration process.

If you complete the form but then have an issue such as missing information, payment problems, etc., you may submit the registration by selecting “check” for payment, then email for assistance. Please DO NOT pay by credit card if you are unsure the price being charged is correct. Our staff can correct any errors on your registration and then send you a simple form to complete the credit card payment.

  • An email address that you do check regularly – this is where your registration confirmation and important details leading up to the event will be sent.
  • The names and ages of everyone who will be attending with you.
  • A credit card for payment.
We do prefer that mailed registration forms are accompanied by a check for payment.

Absolutely yes! We need everyone to complete a registration for camp. Please do not assume you’re registered if you paid a deposit in the past or made a verbal commitment to attend.

We will no longer accept deposits for Family Camp registrations. Please contact for more information and if you have a credit from a past deposit to apply to your current registration.

We’re sorry to hear this, but we do offer a partial refund depending on when you cancel. Please contact for details.

Registration Tips

“I attend an AG church that participates in Heart for Ohio”
Awesome! As a member or attendee of a Heart for Ohio Church, you are entitled to a 10% discount on your event registration portion (not lodging, meals, golf carts, or tie dye shirts). If you are unsure of how to get this discount, email for details.

“I am a pastor of a Heart for Ohio church”
Thank you! You are eligible for special discounts for Family Camp. If you are unsure of how to get this discount, email for details.

“I am a credentialed minister with the Ohio Ministry Network”
We would love to tell you how you can receive 2-4 free night’s stay during Family Camp! Please email for details.

Registration Form

Due to Covid-19, Family Camp is cancelled. If you have any questions please use the form below.